Add an HMI to a Domain

An HMI must belong to a domain to use EasyAccess 2.0.

When an HMI is activated by activation card, it is automatically added to that domain in which it is activated. However, when an activated HMI does not currently belong to any domain, once it goes online, it will obtain a set of Session ID/Password, which can be used to add the HMI to a domain.

EasyAccess 2.0 service requires that each HMI belong to only one domain. Therefore, once an HMI is added to one domain, it cannot be added to another one. Another Domain Admin will not be able to add that HMI even with the same Session ID/Password. For an HMI to be transferred to another domain, it needs to be removed from its current domain, and then it can be added to another domain with its new Session ID/Password.

By Session ID/Password

How to find Session ID/Password?

Session ID/Password are generated uniquely for the HMI by the EasyAccess 2.0 service, the HMI must go online in order to receive this piece of information.

  1. First, create and download an EasyBuilder program that displays Session ID/Password (system registers [LW-10821] to [LW-10827]), and allows setting LW-10820, the connection control register.
    The above setup has been made available in a demo project and the template files. (Page 76).
  2. Let HMI go online by setting [LW-10820] to ON.
  3. Once successfully connected, HMI will display the Session ID/Password.

Review Connect the HMI to EasyAccess 2.0 Server for more information.

Demo Project showing Session ID/Password

Note: Using EasyWatch, it is also possible to find out the Session ID/Password without actually downloading a project. EasyWatch allows users to monitor the HMI or the PLC address values via Ethernet from the PC. For its usage, check out related sections in the EasyBuilder Pro User Manual.

Add to domain by Session ID/Password

In domain page, under the [Management] tab » [Device Management] » [Add HMI], and then enter the Session ID/ Password and notes if needed.

Add to Domain by Session ID/Password

HMI Nickname

When you login as domain admin, naming you HMI by setting "HMI Nickname" in both EasyAccess 2.0 Application (version 2.10 or upper) or Account web. HMI Nickname can support multi-languages.

After modification, you can see those nicknames on EasyAccess 2.0 Application, Account web or push notification content.


In PC Activator

PC Activator also facilitates the “Add to Domain” process, without needing access to the Session ID/Password. Refer to PC Activator on how to complete this process in PC Activator.