Manage the Domain

To access the domain management system,
Global server:
China server:

Note: your project setting may affect which domain to use. Please be mindful about the choice of server.

Anyone can create a new domain for free. A valid e-mail address is required. In Login page. Click "Register" to create a domain

Create a Domain

In EasyAcess 2.0 Application 2.10 or upper, domain creation can be done on Application side. Click "Sign UP" on the bottom to register new domain account.

Enter "Domain name", "Admin email" and "Admin password" to register new domain account. Be sure to read "Terms of service" and "Privacy Policy" first.

Check you register email. You will receive an email "EasyAccess 2.0 Domain Registration Confirmation".

Please enter "confirm code" in EasyAccess 2.0 application or click the "complete E-mail registration confirmation" link in your email to complete domain registration.

If you didn't receive any email. Try "Resend email" or contact our customer support service. 

After complete domain registration, EasyAccess 2.0 application will auto login your admin account.

The User list displays all users and their information in the Domain. It shows whether a user is associated with any HMI and if the user belongs to any HMI group. In [Management] tab » [User Management], the Admin can carry out user management actions: Add User, Edit User, Delete User here. For domains with a large number of users, search tool is also available.

List of Users



The Admin can create a new user ID in this window by providing an email address. Password information will be sent along with a confirmation email to the address provided. The new user must confirm registration by following the link in the mail to complete registration.

Add New User

Edit user information. (change password, change email address, change role)

Delete the selected user by from this domain.

Search for a user by name

In [Management] tab » [Device Management]. The [HMIs] tab shows all HMIs registered in the current domain under folder structure, and the [Group] tab shows all groups currently existing in this domain.

HMI List

HMI Group

Note: once an HMI is deleted from current domain, it can then be added to another domain. To add it back again, you will need a new set of session id/password.

[Management] tab » [Device Management] » [HMI]

HMI Icon


Add a new HMI to the domain.

Action type » Using activation card

Activate the HMI and add it to the current domain. Hardware key and activation code are required.

Action type » activate by session id/password

Add the HMI to the current domain by Session ID/Password. Session ID/Password is required.

Action type » 30 days free trial

Activate a 30-day free trial for an HMI. The HMI will be permanently bound to the domain in which the 30 days free trial is activated. Only after the HMI has been activated with an activation code will it be allowed to be deleted from the current domain and added to another one.

View Hardware key and other information about this HMI.

Edit HMI information by

Delete the selected HMI from this domain. Once deleted, the HMI can be added to another domain with a new session id/password.

Search for HMI by name / Type / Nickname etc..

[Management] tab » [Device Management] » [Group]

HMI Group Icon


Create a new HMI group.

Select HMI group. Add HMI (which is not in this group yet) to this group.

Select HMI group. Delete the selected HMI group

Select HMI in group. Delete the selected HMI from group.

Select group to edit group name

In [Management] tab » [Device Management]. HMI can be managed easily by creating your own folder/category. In this page, the Domain Admin can: Add/Edit/Delete folders, or Move HMI/folder to another folder. For domains with a large number of HMIs, search tool is also available.

List of Folders and HMIs


HMI Folder View Icon


The Domain Admin can create a new folder in this domain.

Select folder and click “Delete” button to delete folder. HMIs under deleted folder will be move to root folder.

Select HMIs or folders under this folder to move to another folder.

Select HMIs or folders under this folder

Select folder to edit folder name.

Search for a folder or HMI.

The folder structure also displayed on EasyAccess 2.0 Application

Folder Structure on EasyAccess 2.0 (Windows) 

Folder Structure on EasyAccess 2.0 (Mobile)

To move an HMI to another domain, select the HMI under the [Management] tab » [Device Management] . Click “Transfer HMI” and a confirm dialog will pop up. Click “Delete” then the HMI will be removed from current domain. You can use Session ID/Password to add this HMI into another domain.

Click an activated HMI to transfer (remove from current domain)

Transfer (delete) HMI from domain

Go to [EasyAccess 2.0] tab. Click user icon on top-right to select [Activity Report] operation. Subscribe the report and select schedule. The report will be sent to domain admin email according to schedule (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) once subscribe. You can also send report to other domain users by selecting those users.

To check if it works, test report can be sent to domain admin by clicking 'Send a copy now (1d.)'.