Manage the Domain

To access the domain management system,
Global server:
China server:

Note: your project setting may affect which domain to use. Please be mindful about the choice of server.

Domain Creation

Anyone can create a new domain for free. A valid e-mail address is required.

Create a Domain

User Management

The User list displays all users and their information in the Domain. It shows whether a user is associated with any HMI and if the user belongs to any HMI group. In this page, the Admin can carry out user management actions: Add User, Edit User, Delete User, or Copy User here. For domains with a large number of users, search tool is also available.

List of Users

Icon Function

The Admin can create a new user ID in this window by providing an email address. Password information will be sent along with a confirmation email to the address provided. The new user must confirm registration by following the link in the mail to complete registration.

Add New User

The Admin can edit the HMI and HMI Group association for the selected user.

Edit the selceted user’s association with HMIs.
HMI/HMI Group » Group
Add/Remove the selected user to/from HMI Groups.

Adding a user to HMI groups

Account Setting
View infomration about this user account, and edit description and email information.

Delete the selected user from this domain.
Create a user with the same HMI/HMI Group association.
Search for a user by name
A user whose name has a mark alongside indicates that the user is not assigned to any HMI.

Change User Password

When the user account is first created, a default password is mailed to the registered email address. The password can be subsequently changed. To do so, visit the homepage of the domain management system and select User login. Follow the on screen guidance and change the password.

User Login

Device Management

The HMI list shows all HMIs registered in the current domain, and the HMI Group list shows all groups currently existing in this domain. The first column can sort the HMI by name, while the other columns can be set to show the following information: Private IP, Public IP, Activation Date, or Custom Field.

HMI List

HMI Icon Function
  Add a new HMI to the domain.
Action type » Using activation card
Activate the HMI and add it to the current domain. Hardware key and activation code are required.
Action type » activate by session id/password
Add the HMI to the current domain by Session ID/Password. Session ID/Password is required.
Action type » 30 days free trial
Activate a 30-day free trial for an HMI. The HMI will be permanently bound to the domain in which the 30 days free trial is activated. Only after the HMI has been activated with an activation code will it be allowed to be deleted from the current domain and added to another one.
  Edit the selected HMI
User/HMI Group tab » User
Edit user association with the selected HMI.
User/HMI Group tab » HMI Group
Add/Remove the selected HMI from the HMI groups.
Activation Information
View Hardware key and other information about this HMI.
  Delete the selected HMI from this domain. Once deleted, the HMI can be added to another domain with a new session id/password.
  Search for HMI by name. Enabling filter function will show only assigned / unassigned or all HMI.


HMI Group Icon Function
Create a new HMI group.
Edit the selected HMI group
HMI/User tab » HMI
Add/Remove HMI from the selected group.
HMI/User tab » User
Edit user association with the selected group.
General Setting
View information about this HMI group.

Delete the selected HMI group.

Note: once an HMI is deleted from current domain, it can then be added to another domain. To add it back again, you will need a new set of session id/password.


Organize HMI into Folders

In domain management web page (, under the “Devices” tab, click “HMI Folder View”. HMI can be managed easily by creating your own folder/category. In this page, the Domain Admin can: Add/Edit/Delete folders, or Move hmi/folder to another folder. For domains with a large number of HMIs, search tool is also available.

List of Folders and HMIs


Icon Function

The Domain Admin can create a new folder in this domain.

Add New Folder

Current folder levels is displayed above the table. Click folder name to go to a different level of folder.

Operation toolbar will be shown via selecting folder.

Select folder to show operation toolbar


Edit foder name.


Delete selected folders.


Move folders or HMIs to specific folder.

Multiple selection

Move to folder

Search for a folder or HMI.


The folder structure also displayed on EasyAccess 2.0 Application

Folder Structure on EasyAccess 2.0 (Windows) 

Folder Structure on EasyAccess 2.0 (Mobile)