Permission Management

Go to [Management] tab » [Permission Management] tab,

In [User] tab, you can see all users (except admin and super-user, since admin and super-user has all permissions).

Click user, then click "Add HMI or Group" button to show dialog to add permission setting.

Select HMIs and Groups to add default permission (Dashboard, Easyaccess 2.0, Pass-through).

Group permission means all HMIs in this group will have same access permission.

HMIs in group can be found on [Management] tab » [Device Management] » [Group]. Also there is a link to permission page in each group.


After finish add. You can see all permissions (HMI and Group) and edit each permission separately.

  • Dashboard permission means user can add tags from this HMI to dashboard.
  • Easyaccess 2.0 permission means when user login Easyaccess 2.0 application. the connect vpn to this HMI.
  • Pass-through permission means to access ip (which can be PLC, HMI etc...) from the same local network with HMI cconnect via vpn. Pass-through permission is dependent on Easyaccess 2.0 permission (since you need to vpn connect HMI first, then you can pass-through the same local network with HMI).

Since Group permission means all HMIs in this group have the same permission. It might not easy to know if specific HMI have permission or not if HMI is in group.

"Show relation" button in top-right will display all HMI permissions (read-only) to help know each HMI's permission for specific user

If both Group and HMI permission has been set. The HMI's permission will be union for both Group and HMI permission.

For example, if gropup "customer" has HMI "HMI-34E8" and group "customer" is configured without Pass-through permission for user "Ted". But user "Ted" also configured with Pass-through permission of HMI "HMI-34E8"

You can see user "Ted" has HMI "HMI-34E8" Pass-thoough permission (check show-relation) compare to other HMIs (C2, cMT-3160X-Lobby, cMT-DDB9) in the same group "customer".