EasyAccess 2.0 Release Notes

Version 2.7


We are proud to announce that EasyAccess 2.0 service has passed security assessment and proven to be safe.
A third-party security firm has verified and checked our EasyAccess 2.0.
We also broadly reviewed the security of EasyAccess 2.0 and enhanced several minor risks.
To see more details, go to Security Certificate.


1. Multiple Pass-through (Ethernet)

(a) On the list of HMI, click on the “Pass-through” icon which appears below the IP address when connection in active.

(b) Enter the IP address of the target PLC. Support up to 6 IP addresses.


2. Organize HMI into Folders

(a) In domain management web page (https://account.ihmi.net/domain), under the “Devices” tab, click “HMI Folder View”. HMI can be managed easily by creating your own folder/category. In this page, the Domain Admin can: Add/Edit/Delete folders, or Move hmi/folder to another folder. For domains with a large number of HMIs, search tool is also available.

List of Folders and HMIs


Icon Function

The Domain Admin can create a new folder in this domain.

Add New Folder

Current folder levels is displayed above the table. Click folder name to go to a different level of folder.

Operation toolbar will be shown via selecting folder.

Select folder to show operation toolbar


Edit foder name.


Delete selected folders.


Move folders or HMIs to specific folder.

Multiple selection

Move to folder

Search for a folder or HMI.

(b) The folder structure also displayed on EasyAccess 2.0 Application

Folder Structure on EasyAccess 2.0 (Windows) 

Folder Structure on EasyAccess 2.0 (Mobile)


3. Activity report

Click user icon to select Activity report operation. Subscribe the report and select schedule. The report will be sent to domain admin email according to schedule (Daily, Weekly, Monthly). You can also send test report to  see if it works by clicking 'Send a copy now (1d.)'.


4. Wechat Push Notification Account Management

In domain page, under the “Wechat” tab, click “Wechat Users” to manage HMIs according to wechat account. click “HMI Management” to management wechat account according to HMI

Wechat Users Management

HMI Management


5. FTP URL with password shortcut

You may enter FTP password beforehand and copy the FTP URL when you long press, right click on the VPN IP, or click the copy button next to 'Password in FTP URL'