EasyAccess 2.0 Release Notes

Version 2.12 (Coming Soon)


1. Support port forwarding

User can configure both pass-through (maximum 6 rules) and port forwarding (maximum 6 rules) at the same time.


2. Admin can disable pass-through and port forwarding functionality for specific user

Go to "User" tab => Select User => Edit User => Account Setting => Pass-through setting


3. Add pass-through and port forwarding information on activity report.

4. Add event type filter on Windows application


Version 2.11


1. Support multiple pass-through on mobile platform

Pass-through should be configured before connecting vpn. This behavior is different from EasyAccess 2.0 windows application.


Once vpn is connected. Pass-through can not be edit anymore. (even other HMI is not connected yet)

We recommand to set all pass-through settings before connecting vpn.

Pass-through settings will be sync between different platforms. When you login same domain user, you do not need to configure same pass-through settings again.


Multiple pass-through on mobile platform can only support on Weintek P2P connection mode.


2. Display hmi information (project name, CPU usage, memory usage and disk usage)

Use EasyBuilder Pro V6.05.01 or upper version. Re-download project to HMI to support display hmi information.

Please remember to download "Diagnostic tool" in iP/iE/XE/eMT/mTV series.

To diaplay project name, you also need to config "Domain Setting" => "Enable project name update" in account web.

After configuration complete. Project name will be displayed on both account web and EasyAccess 2.0 Application.

CPU usage, memory usage and disk usage can be found on EasyAccess 2.0 Application.


Project name only support "English" 


3. Config auto pass-through (Ethernet) according to pass-through history

Auto pass-through is default enabled on EasyAccess 2.0 version 2.10. Now become a setting option in windows platform.

Please be noticed the auto pass-through behavior can not be disabled on mobile platform since pass-though can not be edited after connecting vpn on mobile platform. 


Version 2.10


1. Register new domain account on EasyAccess 2.0 application

Click "Sign UP" on the bottom to register new domain account.

Enter "Domain name", "Admin email" and "Admin password" to register new domain account. Be sure to read "Terms of service" and "Privacy Policy" first.

Check you register email. You will receive an email "EasyAccess 2.0 Domain Registration Confirmation".

Please enter "confirm code" in EasyAccess 2.0 application or click the "complete E-mail registration confirmation" link in your email to complete domain registration.

If you didn't receive any email. Try "Resend email" or contact our customer support service. 

After complete domin registration. EasyAccess 2.0 application will auto login your account.

2. Search HMIs under your LAN environment and add them to your current login domain (Domain admin only)

When you login as domain admin. You can find a "plus button" on lower right corner

Click to launch a dialog to search HMIs on your LAN environment.

You can activate HMI by activation card or add activated HMI to current login domain.