Weincloud is comprised of EasyAccess 2.0, Weintek’s existing remote access service, and the new remote monitoring service, Dashboard. In Weincloud, an integrated interface is provided for management of user accounts / rights.

After mapping Dashboard tags to the device addresses on HMI, data on HMI can be sent to Weincloud server. Users can customize their own Dashboard project and publish the Dashboards to permitted users for remote data monitoring.

From now until August, 31st 2022, Dashboard may only be used, free of charge, with cMT X units that have been activated with EasyAccess 2.0.

The basic management block is Domain, under which Super User, HMI, and User exist.

Domain and Domain Admin

This is the basic block of HMI management. One Domain account may contain a number of Super Users, Users and HMIs. However, each HMI can belong to only one Domain. A Domain Admin and a Super User manage all aspects of the domain.

Super User

The Super User manages all aspects of Users and HMIs.


A user holds the account used to log in Weincloud. They are allowed access to HMIs for which it has direct association. User’s relationship with HMIs is managed by the Domain Admin and Super User.

After adding tags in Dashboard, these Dashboard tags can be used in EasyBuilder Pro project for mapping HMI’s device addresses, and then data on HMI can be sent to Weincloud server.

Users can design monitoring dashboards which can only be accessed by permitted users from the website for remote monitoring and control.