Restriction  Description
Data Rate and Usage Limit Data rate at 100 kB/s for the first 3GB and 5 kB/s after.
Usage count restarts on the 1st day of each calendar month.
# of Domain an HMI can be registered in 1
# of users an HMI can be connected by at a time  3. See “Occupied” status in Appendix.
# of HMI a user can connect to at a time 3 (Mobile) / 10 (PC)
Service Port  HTTPS port (443)
Ethernet-Ethernet Pass-through 6 IP

Model and OS Support

HMI OS versions that support EasyAccess 2.0

Model OS version or later
eMT3070A  20140624
eMT3070B  All versions
eMT3105, eMT3120, eMT3150 * 20140701
MT8070iE, MT8100iE 20140626
MT8050iE, MT8071iE, MT8101iE 20140624
MT8090XE, MT8091XE All versions
MT8121XE, MT8150XE 20140624
mTV-100 20140815
cMT-SVR 20140715
All other models All OS versions

* EasyAccess 2.0 is not available for eMT3105, eMT3120 and eMT3150 shipped prior to June, 2012.