EasyAccess 2.0 access technology is quite different from traditional way of remote access method. Here are some notable points:

Traditional remote connection (blue links) EasyAccess 2.0 (green dotted links)
Connection traffic must pass through a number of firewalls, which means there are layers of network settings. PC and HMI both connect to a dedicated VPN server through which data are exchanged, or by P2P.
Network/Router setting is mandatory; therefore, coordination with the IT department is crucial. No additional network setting is required.
For one WAN IP, only one device can be connected. For one WAN IP, multiple devices can be connected.
For a device behind two or more routers, connection might not be possible. Being behind several routers does not affect EasyAccess 2.0 connectivity at all.


EasyAccess 2.0 Network Overview


While selected models come with built-in EasyAccess 2.0 license, most do not, and must be activated in order to use the feature. A purchased license can be used to activate any one of the supported models; however, once an HMI has been activated, its license cannot be transferred to another HMI.