Data Top-up

Currently, an HMI has 1GB of high-speed data per month for free. Free data cap will be reset at the beginning of each month (Ex: 3/1 00:00 UTC time). Once free data cap has been exceeded, speed will be limited to 5kB/s. 

For additional high-speed data, data top-up from a top-up card is required. The card comes in 5GB or 10GB, with one-year validity. When an HMI reaches its data cap for the month, top-up data will kick in and the data from the top-up card will be consumed to maintain high-speed data transfer.

Top-up cards are available for purchase through Weintek’s dealer; please contact your dealer for purchase details.

Load up top-up data with the following simple steps:

1. Obtain a Top-up card. It should come in electronic form, containing License Serial and Activation Code.
2. Go to Top-up card section in domain management system.
3. Click on the “add Top-up card” and then enter the License Serial and Activation Code to add the Top-up card.
4. Once successfully loaded, top-up data will be available within a few minutes.

Go to [Easyaccess 2.0] page. Double-clicking on any one of the cards will display current usage and use history for the card. Similar “Domain Traffic Usage” information is also visible at the top left corner in the EasyAccess 2.0 application.

Top-up Card List

As Top-up data is associated with domain, all HMI and users in a domain will share the top-up data purchased. Also, adding multiple cards within a domain is allowed, and data from the card with the earliest expiration date will be used first.