Proxy Server

A proxy server acts as an intermediary between clients and servers. In some network infrastructure, especially that of a large scale, proxy servers are used to ensure security, administrative control, and efficiency of the network. To establish connection with EasyAccess 2.0 through proxy, however, requires additional settings in EasyAccess 2.0 client program and/or the HMI.

Proxy settings at PC’s EasyAccess 2.0 client side and HMI side are similar. On PC, proxy setting window can be called from the setting button of the login screen. On HMI it is found in the [EasyAccess 2 tab] of system settings. Enter the proxy type, host address, port number and login credentials obtained from the network administrator.

Proxy related system tags

The following lists the system tags reserved for EasyAccess 2.0 proxy settings:

LW-11170 (16bit) Proxy Disable/Enable (0: disable, 1: enable)
LW-11171 (16bit) Proxy Type (0: HTTP, 1: SOCKSv4, 2: SOCKSv5)
LW-11172 (16bit) Proxy Server IP0
LW-11173 (16bit) Proxy Server IP1
LW-11174 (16bit) Proxy Server IP2
LW-11175 (16bit) Proxy Server IP3
LW-11176 (16bit) Proxy Server Port
LW-11177 (16bit) Proxy authentication (0: disable, 1: enable)
LW-11178 (16 words) Proxy username
LW-11194 (16 words) Proxy password