Push Notification

With push notification, HMI sends selected event messages to EasyAccess 2.0 server, which may be viewed in the EasyAccess 2.0 application. In the case of a mobile device, the device will receive the event messages as push notification and be alerted on the standby screen.


Using push notification requires configurations in both EasyBuilder Pro project and EasyAccess 2.0 application as follows:

1. In the project, for each of the desired event log entry, check the “Push Notification (EasyAccess 2.0)” option.

2. In EasyAccess 2.0 [Event Logs] => [Push Notification setting] , toggle ON the push notification Enable option for each desired HMI.

3. Select desired push notification event on OPTION


Receiving notification

As long as EasyAccess 2.0 remains running at least in the background and the user remains logged in, when an event occurs, the device will receive push notification. Nonetheless, the exact device behavior upon receiving push notification depends on each device’s setting regarding push notification.

For Apple’s iOS device, push notification goes through Apple Push Notification Service, whereas Android devices’ goes through Google Cloud Messaging. Note that these services may be unavailable in certain regions, and users in those regions are unable to receive push notification on their devices.

Language Selection

If the project includes multiple languages and its event log content also does, it is possible to switch the language contained in push notification messages. To do so, all the requirements are the same as regular push notification, plus the following:

1. In EasyBuilder Pro, for the content of event messages, use label tag with multiple language definition from the label library.

2. In EasyBuilder Pro, in [Language & Font], under [Language] tab, assign an appropriate language code to each language.

Having configured as above, the languages defined above can be selected In EasyAccess 2.0 [Event Logs] => [Push Notification setting] under for HMI. Event messages and push notification message will change to the selected language accordingly.

Language Selection


For Wechat users, it is also possible to receive push notification in Wechat app.

The following are the requirements for using Wechat push notification:

  • HMI with EasyAccess 2.0 activated in China server, and connecting to China server.
  • Event log entries having push notification enabled
  • Wechat account following EasyAccess 2.0 Official account and linked with HMI.

The only way to link Wechat account with HMI is by scanning a QR code in Wechat.
In the EasyBuilder Pro, create a Wechat bar code object, and set its address to the system reserved address LW-11770. (also available as a tag in the label library) Then, configure the project so that the bar code object will be visible and has reasonable size for its HMI screen size.

On HMI, navigate to the barcode object on HMI, and then scan the barcode in Wechat, and then follow the in-app instructions to complete linking. You may be requested to follow EasyAccess Official account on Wechat if haven’t already done so. In that case, follow EasyAccess Official account and then re-scan the bar code to proceed with account linking.


Once linked, the device will receive notification in Wechat when an eligible event occurs. In addition, there will also be Wechat messages when HMI connects to the server or disconnects from the server.

To manage the linked HMI, use the HMI management tool located at the bottom of the chat page and follow on screen instructions to unlink HMI.

Note: Following EasyAccess 2.0 Official account is an essential step for receiving push notification on Wechat. Also, note it is not necessary for an HMI to be added to any domain, nor is a domain user account needed to use Wechat push notification.