Sparkplug B


Sparkplug B is a specification designed based on the characteristic features of IoT applications. It helps define topics and messages that are not specified by standard MQTT, and allows non-MQTT terminal devices to transfer data with MQTT Server through Edge of Network, which can be HMIs in this architecture.

Advantages of Sparkplug:

  • Multi-programming language support and cross-platform.
  • Binary encoding which is more efficient than JSON.
  • NDATA/DDATA (Node Data Message / Device Data Message) only publishes the data that has changed.

In this manual, HMI’s local MQTT server is used for explaining setup process.

System Requirement

Software Version: EasyBuilder Pro V6.01.01 or later
Applicable models: cMT Series HMI

MQTT Modules:

Installing Ignition

  1. Run Ignition Installer.
  2. Select Ignition for Platform Edition, and Typical for Installation Mode.
  3. Ignition page opens after installation. Or enter “localhost:8088” in the browser.
  4. Click [Configuration section] to open Ignition Gateway, or enter “localhost:8088/main/web/config” in the browser.

  1. The default username/password of Ignition Gateway are: admin/password.
  2. Select [SYSTEM] » [Modules] on the left, and select [Install or Upgrade a Module] at the bottom of the page.

  1. Click [Choose File].
  2. Add MQTT Engine Module. This module can be found in Cirrus Link Solutions list after being added.

  1. Find [MQTT ENGINE] » [Settings]. Click [Servers] » [Create a new MQTT Server].

  1. Select Third Party as Server Type, and configure the settings.

  1. To enable write operations of Ignition Designer, do not select [Enable blocking of outbound edge node tag writes] and [Enable blocking of outbound device tag writes].

  1. Ignition Gateway is now all set.

Creating EasyBuilder Project

  1. Create a new cMT project file, select [MQTT] in [IIoT/Energy] tab.
  2. In General tab select [Sparkplug B] for [Cloud service]. When local HMI is used as MQTT Server, set IP address to, and Port number to 1883. Authentication is optional, while selected, please enter username and password.

  1. In Sparkplug B group box, open General tab, and enter [Goupt ID] and [Edge node ID].

  1. In [Device] tab create several tags readable using Sparkplug B.

  1. Download this project file to HMI.

Obtaining EoN Tag using Ignition Designer

  1. Click [Launch Designer] in the upper-right corner of Ignition Gateway page. The “designer.jnlp” file will be downloaded by doing so.
  2. Run designer.jnlp file after download.
  3. The default username/password of Ignition Designer are: admin/password.

  1. Create a new project, enter project name in its field and then click [Create New Project].

  1. When successfully connected, the tags added in EasyBuilder project file can be found in Tag Browser’s [All Providers] » [MQTT Engine] » [cMT Group] (Group ID) » [cMT EoN] (Edge node ID).


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  2. Ignition User Manual: