Administrators have the authority to access users' activity logs, a crucial feature for maintaining system security and monitoring user actions, particularly during audits or troubleshooting. The Result column on the right indicates whether the activity was successful or unsuccessful. The recorded events are as follows:

User {username} logged in

Unknown user login failed

User {username} login failed

Created Domain

Verified user {username}'s new email {new_user_email}

Requested reset password email for user {username}

Changed password for user {username} (reset password email)

Added users {usernames} to HMI {hmi}

Added users {usernames} to Group {group}

Requested to change email

Changed password

Changed user {username}'s email and company name

Renamed folder {old_folder_name} to {new_folder_name}

Move resources to {parent_folder_name}, folders {resource_folder_names}, hmis {resource_hwkeys}

Created folder {path}

Added HMIs {hmis} to HMI Group {group_name}

Updated user language from {old_lang} to {new_lang}

Created user {username}

Activated user {username}

Added users {usernames} to folder {folder_path}

Deleted user {username}

Updated user {username}'s company name {old_company_name} to {new_company_name}

Updated user {username}'s password

Deleted user {username} on HMI Group {group_name}

Created HMI Group {group_name}

Renamed HMI Group {old_group_name} to {new_group_name}

Deleted HMI Group {group_name}

Removed HMIs {hw_keys} from HMI Group {group_name}

Activated Dashboard for HMI {hw_key} with card {activation_code}

Started Dashboard trial for new HMI {hw_key}

Added a Dashboard subscription card {activation_code} to HMI {hw_key}

Started Dashboard trial for HMI ({hw_key})

Removed HMI {hw_key} from this domain

Added HMI {hw_key} from this domain

Requested transferring HMI {hw_key} to domain {target_domain_name}

Set HMI transfer to {status} on HMI {hw_key} from {source_domain_name} to {target_domain_name}

Granted users {usernames} permissions to HMI {hw_key}

Updated HMI {hw_key} information

Updated user {username}'s permission to HMI {hw_key}

Deleted user {username}'s permission to HMI {hw_key}

Changed Dashboard status HMI {hw_key} from {old_state} to {new_state}

Cancelled HMI transfer request for HMI {hw_key}

Deleted folder {path}

Started EasyAccess 2.0 trial for new HMI {hw_key}

Activated EasyAccess 2.0 for new HMI {hw_key} with card {activation_code}

Deactivated EasyAccess 2.0 for HMI {hw_key}

Started EasyAccess 2.0 trial for HMI {hw_key}

Activated EasyAccess 2.0 for HMI {hw_key} with card {activation_code}

Added HMI {hw_key} with session ID/password

Updated activity report setting

Updated multi-user connections setting

Updated project name update setting