Basic Concepts

EasyAccess 2.0

EasyAccess 2.0 is a remote access service that allows you to connect to and control your HMI devices from anywhere via the internet.


Dashboard service provides a visual interface for monitoring and displaying data and performance indicators of HMI devices.


Domain is a core concept representing an independent management space where users can create, manage, and monitor their HMI devices and data.

The Domain's interface includes:

Directory - A resource management system that goes beyond a simple folder structure, serving as a platform to manage various types of resources and their permissions.

Management Features- Management for Device, User, Audit, and Setting.

Dashboard - A feature for configuring data from connected HMIs, editing dashboard files, and publishing them.

EasyAccess 2.0 - Configuration for remote monitoring.

The main structure for managing the Domain is a directory-based framework, where users and HMIs existing internally can be moved into specific directories. For better understanding, the subsequent appearance of Subdomains and Folders in this document represent the same concept. The management of these directories relies on administrators with different permissions.

The primary administrator of the Domain is the admin, with each Domain having only one admin. By adding users, other users can be included in the Domain, allowing for multiple users to exist within a Domain. Users are provided with different management capabilities based on varying permission settings, as follows:

Domain Admin: Possesses the highest level of authority, capable of utilizing all features.

Domain Superuser: Second only to the Admin, with permissions identical to the Admin except for the inability to manage the Admin.

Subdomain Superuser: Able to manage permissions for users and HMIs within specific directories.

User: Can only access HMIs and related features with open permissions.