Data Source

To display data on the Weincloud Dashboard, users first need to add data source tags to the Dashboard. Then, synchronize these tag data in the EasyBuilder Pro project and pair the tags with corresponding device addresses. After completing these steps, once the HMI connects to the Weincloud server, it can upload the data from the HMI to the dashboard, and the values in device addresses matching the tags will be displayed in the data source page.

Using Simulation HMI

In the Domain, all users share three simulation HMIs. You can use these HMIs to design address tags. When you add physical HMIs in the Domain, you can synchronize tag data from simulation HMIs to physical HMIs and dashboard projects using the Export/Import Tag function in the Data Source. In addition, using the Replace HMI function, you can quickly convert the addresses of simulation HMIs in the project to physical HMI addresses, speeding up the project design process.

Adding Folders and Tags

In the Data Source page, click on the HMI, and you can add new folders and tags for that HMI. Here, you can specify the data type of the tag, whether the tag data can be modified, whether the historical data of the tag is stored, and set the time interval for recording tag data.


The maximum number of tags per HMI is 500.

Data Type: Available data types include Boolean, Int, Float, String

History: This setting determines whether to save the historical data of tags on the Weincloud server. Each HMI can store up to 100 tags of historical data, and the data is retained on the Weincloud server for up to one year.

Interval: This setting determines how often tag data is updated, with a minimum interval of 5 seconds and a maximum of 15 minutes. Choosing the Quick Mode instructs the HMI to update values at the shortest interval possible. This means that even in poor network conditions or other external factors, the HMI will strive to refresh data as quickly as possible. Additionally, when tags are set to store historical records, the storage interval for historical data is set to 1 minute. This ensures that all important data is effectively recorded and stored on the Weincloud server, even in fast update mode.