Data Source

To send data on HMI to Weincloud server, users must first add tags in Data Source tab in Dashboard, and then map these tags with the addresses of a device in EasyBuilder Pro. When finish mapping, values in the device addresses can be displayed in the tags in Data Source tab.

Using HMI Simulation

A Domain contains three HMI simulations. Users can use these HMI simulations to design address tags, which can be exported / imported to replace the address tags of an actual HMI in the future when the HMI is added to this Domain, which should expedite project development.

Add Group and Add Tag

To add a group or a tag, select an HMI and then click the Edit button. In the editing page, the Data Type, number of records saved, and the interval for data recording can be set. Up to 150 tags can be added for an HMI.

Data Type: Available data types include Boolean, Int, Float, String

History: Set whether to save the historical data of a tag to Weincloud. The maximum allowable number of tags whose historical data can be saved on an HMI is 50 tags, and the history data retention period is 1 year.

Interval: Set the interval for data recording. The unit is seconds and the range is 5~60 seconds.