Data Source

To send data on HMI to Weincloud server, first add tags in Data Source tab in Dashboard, and then map these tags with the addresses of a device in EasyBuilder Pro. When finish mapping, values in the device addresses can be displayed in the tags in Data Source tab.

Using Simulation HMI

A Domain provides three simulation HMIs which can be used to design address tags. These tags can later be exported / imported to replace the address tags of an actual HMI when the HMI is added to this Domain. This should expedite project development.

Add Group and Add Tag

To add a group or a tag, select an HMI and then click the [Edit] button.

Data Type: Available data types include Boolean, Int, Float, String

History: Set whether to save the historical data of a tag to Weincloud. The maximum number of tags with history per HMI is 100, and the tag history retention period is 1 year.

Interval: Set the interval for data recording. The unit is seconds and the range is 5~60 seconds.


The maximum number of tags per HMI is 500.